Monday, November 19, 2018

Nell Duke interviewed on WKAR about new elementary teacher preparation standards


Professor Nell Duke spoke with education reporter Kevin Lavery on WKAR, a public radio station from Michigan State University, about new standards for elementary educators. These standards were approved by the Michigan State Board of Educators, and Duke was on the team that helped to develop the standards.

“Michigan is not where we want it to be in terms of literacy achievement, and so we’re looking for all different ways to try to address that issue. One of the ways we can address it is by trying to have our teachers as well prepared as possible to teach reading and other literacy skills,” she explained.

The team has adjusted certification bands in Michigan as well, so the K-8 certification is now divided into a pre-K to grade 3 band as well as a band from grades 3-6. Additionally, the team created a new definition of literacy, stating that “literacy includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and visually representing.”

“These standards make an important contribution to all the efforts that are going on in the state to try to improve the literacy of Michigan students,” said Duke.

Nell K. Duke is Professor

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