Friday, June 29, 2012

Jeffrey Mirel comments on a proposed Detroit Public Schools budget

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An article in the June 28, 2012, Detroit Free Press, reports on the Detroit Public Schools budget proposed by Emergency Manager Roy Roberts. He believes that the district can be made ore effective by cutting enrollment by about 25%, with accompanying budget reductions.

Jeffrey Mirel, author of The Rise and Fall of an Urban School System: Detroit 1907-81, commented on Roberts' strategy:

DPS's 2012-13 cuts will put more students in unproved charter schools and an unproved state district -- both of which will compete with DPS for students.

Mirel said the biggest unanswered question so far is whether DPS has any evidence suggesting the district will win the competition for students and achieve better educational outcomes.

Competition, to date, has driven DPS into its current crisis, Mirel said.

"I'm not sure the (new) business model is particularly that good," Mirel said. "Competition has not been good for traditional Detroit public schools."

Jeffrey Mirel is the David L. Angus Collegiate Chair, School of Education; and professor, Department of History, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

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