Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Michael Bastedo quoted in New York Times article on intangible admissions criteria


Professor Michael Bastedo was quoted in a New York Times article by Amy Harmon which explores the intangible criteria used during selection processes at some top tier universities. While most college admissions officers consider test scores, grand point averages, and essays, some also include personality traits when determining if a student should be offered admission to that institution. When personal qualities are taken into account, says Professor Bastedo, experts call it a “holistic admissions process.”

Schools with holistic admissions processes do not reveal their application criteria, however. As Bastedo explains, “Once it becomes measured, it becomes gameable,” he said. In a study of 10 schools that used the holistic process, emotional intelligence, creativity, and leadership traits were salient factors in their decision making. Across the board, objections have been raised about both subjective criteria and standardized criteria.

Michael N. Bastedo is Professor

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