Thursday, December 06, 2018

Matthew Diemer quoted in Folha de S. Paulo article about segregation in U.S. schools


Professor Matthew Diemer was quoted in the Brazilian publication Folha de S. Paulo. The article “Segregação racial em escolas resiste nos EUA”—translated in English as “Racial segregation in schools resists in the USA”—by reporter Danielle Brant examines the history of school desegregation and de facto segregation resulting from housing dynamics.

In 2017, about 33% of American educational institutions were considered out of the normal statistical distribution by a study of the Brookings research institution. In other words, they had a level of representation of a race above or below the state standard they were in. Brant follows some of the causes of re-separation in her article.

Diemer explains that some of the public schools receive funding from the tax collection of local or neighborhood residents. “In poorer areas, the income is lower, and the collection is too. Therefore, less resources are transferred to the educational institutions that receive the local students,” he says.

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