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Advancing and Publishing Knowledge: Our Faculty Editing Journals

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School of Education faculty members have leadership positions on a number of prominent academic journals:

Education Finance and Policy

Ongoing public policy developments affecting educational institutions and systems present education policy makers, administrators and economists with new global challenges and opportunities. To aid in the deliberations, and help frame the intellectual discourse on education policy and practice, Education Finance and Policy promotes understanding of the means by which global resources can be justly and productively engaged to enhance human learning at all levels. 

Topics explored in the journal include: school accountability; school choice; education standards; equity and adequacy in school finance; within- and across-district resource allocation; teacher compensation; training and labor markets; instructional policy; higher education productivity and finance; and special education.


  • Thomas A. Downes, editor, Tufts University
  • Dan Goldhaber, editor, University of Washington
  • Susan Dynarski, editorial board member, University of Michigan

Journal of Educational Psychology

The main purpose of the Journal of Educational Psychology is to publish original, primary psychological research pertaining to education across all ages and educational levels. A secondary purpose of the journal is the occasional publication of exceptionally important theoretical and review articles that are pertinent to educational psychology.


  • Arthur Graesser, editor
  • Susan Goldman, associate editor
  • Jonna Kulikowich, associate editor
  • Andrew Martin, associate editor
  • Danielle McNamara, associate editor
  • Allison Ryan, associate editor
  • Laura Stapleton, associate editor
  • Roman Taraban, associate editor
  • Jennifer Wiley, associate editor
  • Christopher Wolters, associate editor

Journal of Engineering Education

The Journal of Engineering Education is a peer-reviewed international journal published quarterly by the American Society for Engineering Education. It publishes articles on a wide range of topics centered on advancements in engineering educational research, including what knowledge and competencies engineers must possess and how they are learned and assessed, how educational methods, materials, infrastructure, and faculty affect learning, and how to attract, engage, and retain diverse human talent to engineering.


  • Jack Lohmann, editor
  • Jeffrey Froyd, senior associate editor
  • Wendy Newstetter, senior associate editor and special issues editor
  • Barbara Olds, senior associate editor and workshops editor
  • James Pellegrino, senior associate editor and learning sciences liaison
  • Joseph Shaeiwitz, senior associate editor and web editor
  • Ton De Jong, associate editor
  • Edmond Ko, associate editor
  • Lisa Lattuca, associate editor
  • Ann McKenna, associate editor
  • Barbara Moskal, associate editor
  • Sheri Sheppard, associate editor
  • Caroline Baillie, associate editor
  • Donna Riley, assistant editor

Journal of Labor Economics

Since 1983, the Journal of Labor Economics has presented international research that examines issues affecting the economy as well as social and private behavior. The Journal of Labor Economics publishes both theoretical and applied research results relating to the U.S. and international data. And its contributors investigate various aspects of labor economics, including supply and demand of labor services, personnel economics, distribution of income, unions and collective bargaining, applied and policy issues in labor economics, and labor markets and demographics.


  • Christopher R. Taber, editor-in-chief
  • Peter Arcidiacono, editor
  • Susan Dynarski, editor
  • William R. Johnson, editor
  • Alan Manning, editor
  • Bruce D. Meyer, editor
  • Philip Oreopoulos, editor
  • Paul Oyer, editor
  • Michael Waldman, editor

Journal of the Learning Sciences

The Journal of the Learning Sciences provides a multidisciplinary forum for the presentation of research on learning and education. The journal seeks to foster new ways of thinking about learning that will allow our understanding of cognition and social cognition to have impact in education. It publishes research articles that advance our understanding of learning in real-world situations and of promoting learning in such venues, including articles that report on the roles of technology can play in promoting deep and lasting learning. The Journal of the Learning Sciences promotes engaging and thoughtful participation in learning activities, and articles reporting on new methodologies that enable rigorous investigation of learning in real-world situations.


  • Yasmin Kafai, editor, University of Pennsylvania
  • Cindy Hmelo-Silver, editor, Rutgers University
  • Cynthia Carter Ching, associate editor
  • Barry J. Fishman, associate editor
  • Peter Reiman, associate editor
  • Jeremy Roschelle, associate editor
  • Nikol Rummel, associate editor
  • William A. Sandoval, associate editor
  • Iris Taba, associate editor

Reading Research Quarterly

Reading Research Quarterly is published by the International Reading Association. It publishes reports of important studies, multidisciplinary research, modes of investigation, and viewpoints on literacy practices, teaching, and learning.   

Reading Research Quarterly is published online and in print in January, April, July, and October.


  • Susan Neuman, University of Michigan
  • Linda Gambrell, Clemson University

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