Friday, May 07, 2010

Joan McCoy receives first annual Patricia A. Natalie Staff Award for Excellence

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Joan McCoy, registrar in the Office of Student Affairs, has received the first annual Patricia A. Natalie Staff Award for Excellence. The award honors the memory of longtime SOE community member Pat Natalie, and her superior work, leadership, service, and innovation.

The criteria for the award were:

  • Demonstrates strong work qualities such as initiative, dependability, and commitment.
  • Encourages others to collaborate and strive for excellence in all aspects of their work.
  • Shows a willingness to help others and extends extra effort to take on additional responsibilities.
  • Makes a difference in the lives of others by displaying a positive outlook and strong compassion.
  • Serves as a role model or mentor.
  • Provides exemplary service, cooperation, and team building.

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