Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jeffrey Mirel discusses history of high school reforms in light of current trends

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In an article posted on the website on July 29, 2010, Jeffrey Mirel provides historical context to current and proposed changes to high schools in Washtenaw County, Michigan. Many of the reforms include the formation of smaller, often specialized, schools or learning communities.  Mirel suggests that these focused schools are a de facto tracking system: “Essentially what we are seeing is a tracking system and a considerable loss of faith in the public schools by families, who are then turning to these other choices,” he said. “Unfortunately, in many cases, the options are not much better. People like them better because they’re better socially—a small school means more time with a teacher—but academically they’re not producing better scores.” Jeffrey Mirel is the David L. Angus Collegiate Chair in Education and a professor of history.

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