Friday, March 08, 2013

Introducing Data Citation Index

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The University Library has recently subscribed to Data Citation Index (DCI), a new product from Thomson Reuters, publishers of Web of Knowledge.

Data Citation Index captures metadata from 69 data repositories in the Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Arts & Humanities. Through linked content and summary information, DCI allows researchers to discover data across subjects and regions in one source as opposed to viewing data sets or data repositories in isolation. DCI currently indexes over two million data studies and data sets, with records which include authors, institutions, and keywords, and which are then connected to related peer-reviewed literature.

There is a wealth of education-related data in this product!

Click here for a brief introduction to DCI.

Data Citation Index is the first commercial product that attempts to index data across multiple disciplines, and UM is one of the first institutions to subscribe. In the coming year, the Library will be evaluating DCI and will provide detailed feedback to Thomson Reuters so they can continue to improve its interface and functionality. Your comments will be an integral part of this evaluation.

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