Friday, June 05, 2009

Hyman Bass elected to the National Academy of Education

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I am pleased to announce that Hyman Bass, Samuel Eilenberg Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics Education, was recently elected to the National Academy of Education. Professor Bass is one of ten education leaders elected to membership this year for their pioneering efforts in educational research and policy development.

The National Academy of Education is an honorary society that currently has 174 members.  Members are elected on the basis of outstanding scholarship or contributions to education, and over the years, its members have included such luminaries as anthropologist Margaret Mead and psychologist Jean Piaget.  Other U-M members are David Cohen, Jacquelynne Eccles, Magdalene Lampert, Annemarie Palincsar, Brian Rowan, Maris Vinovskis, and me.

Please join me in congratulating Hy on this honor, a tribute to the contributions he has made as an immigrant (coming from research mathematics) to the education research world!

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