Friday, December 07, 2018

Francesca Forzani and Deborah Ball receive funding from Silver Giving Foundation to augment partnerships on California State University campuses


Dr. Francesca Forzani and Dr. Deborah Ball received funding from the Silver Giving Foundation to augment their partnership with 21 teacher education faculty on 7 California State University campuses. The funding will increase the number of convenings that develop skills and knowledge for practice-based teacher preparation, and add an English language arts methods lab class as a common site for professional study and development. The convenings will develop participating faculty members’ skills in intertwining focused work to help novice teachers learn and learn to use content knowledge and specific high-leverage teaching practices, and work on advancing equity in the context of specific tasks of teaching. The convenings work will (a) draw from work that participants from the first two cohorts will have carried out in their own courses this fall; (b) work with video and other specific artifacts and cases; (c) extend participating faculty members’ skills with specific teacher education pedagogies and rich tasks for use in teacher education.

Deborah Loewenberg Ball is William H. Payne Collegiate Professor; Arthur F. Thurnau Professor

Francesca Forzani is Deputy Director

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