Monday, May 23, 2016

First issue of Michigan Education now available

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The first issue of Michigan Education, the School of Education’s re-envisioned alumni magazine, is now available. You can read the magazine here or download it here. This publication replaces Innovator and has a new format, look, and direction. Most notably, its articles more directly aim to tell the stories of SOE students, faculty, alumni, donors, and staff, and to engage more people in our work.

Please join me in thanking Ted Montgomery, Danielle Dimcheff, Dan Bodene, Mary Micallef, and Jake Salazar for their great work on the magazine. The production of Michigan Education was a long and complicated process and wouldn’t have been completed without their careful leadership, skillful writing, and design expertise.

I encourage you to read this issue and to send your feedback to Ted Montgomery and Danielle Dimcheff.

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