Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Elizabeth Moje quoted in Metro Times article discussing Detroit’s literacy lawsuit


Dean Elizabeth Moje was quoted in a Metro Times article discussing the meaning of literacy and its relation to communities. The article was written by Michael Jackman in response to Detroit’s literacy lawsuit.

Citing her experience teaching government and science in metro Detroit, Moje said that her students struggled to read subject-area textbooks despite being able to read texts in their own interest areas. It perplexed her, leading her to study literacy and discover that literacy is integral to a productive society. She explained, “if you have the codes and you can make sense of them, then you can be part of a community, and if you don’t, then it’s much harder to interact with that community.” The differentiator between a literate community and one that struggles, she points out, is not simply a student’s background and home life. “Schools actually make a difference,” she reveals, “but only if they’re well-resourced, well-run, and stocked with excellent teachers.”

Elizabeth Birr Moje is George Herbert Mead Collegiate Professor of Education and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; Dean of the School of Education

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