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Educational Entrepreneurship

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Moses Lee

The Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) 
is partnering with the Urban Pedagogy Master's Program for Teach For
 America Detroit corps members to make Educational Entrepreneurship 
(ENTR599) more widely available to SOE students this winter term
 on Mondays from 6-8 p.m. (building and room TBD). The 3-credit course can be
 elected for graduate or undergraduate credit as an elective or cognate. This particular offering builds on the CFE's popular Acumen Fund Social 
course and Entrepreneurship Practicum, which
 attract students from virtually every school and college on campus, many of
 whom choose to work on education-related problems for their course
 projects. It is also an extended iteration of a one-credit version of the
 course offered in spring of 2011 and
2012  that 
targeted TFA-Detroit corps members in the Urban Pedagogy program. This 
particular section of the course intends to bring together a cross-section
 of students whose studies span a variety of disciplines, but who are all 
interested in the improvement of education outcomes for K-12 and higher 
education students. A description of the course can be found here. For questions
 about the course content or requirements, please contact instructor Moses Lee at

Course Description:

The challenges that our education system faces today requires bold, entrepreneurial approaches. In this practicum, students will learn a theoretical framework for education entrepreneurship, as well as explore the individual skills and will necessary to respond to complex social needs both inside and outside the classroom. Students will be placed on teams throughout the course to engage in hands-on activities, case studies, and projects.

We will draw heavily upon the practices and principles of design thinking, teaching you key skills of community engagement, visualization, ideation and prototype creation. You will also be placed in a project team to apply the principles of the course to a real educational issue in the community. This course will require significant commitment and be heavy on teamwork and creativity. 

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