Monday, May 19, 2014

Thank you for your contributions at the recent climate survey meetings

Tags: community, deans updates

I was pleased to see so many students, faculty members, and staff members at the recent meetings we held to discuss the findings of the graduate student, recent graduate, and staff climate surveys. Your participation is crucial to achieving our collective effort to build a more inclusive community. This goal is one that we must articulate and advance together in order to be successful in our commitment to social justice, diversity, and equity within our organization—in its climate, policies, and practices––as well as in our programs, our community engagement, and our research. Executive summaries of the climate survey findings are available online (you may be asked for your UMICH password). We will be launching our faculty survey soon and will hold future meetings to discuss those findings and the findings of our undergraduate survey. I look forward to our continued collective engagement with this work.

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