Friday, July 15, 2011

Teacher Education faculty working on elementary curriculum this summer

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Faculty associated with the teacher education program are spending the summer further refining and developing the curriculum for the elementary teacher certification programs. Instructional teams that include faculty and graduate students are planning details of new clinical work for interns, new approaches to helping them develop their skills with the high-leverage practices that are the cornerstone of our program, opportunities to develop the content knowledge needed for responsible teaching, as well as the crucial understanding and skills that will prepare them to deal with core issues of diversity and equity in professional practice. The Elementary Curriculum Design Group, which is the name of the instructional teams that are doing this work, are meeting regularly throughout the summer to prepare for the arrival of our new cohort of interns as well as for the second year of the program for our current interns. If you are interested in learning more or in getting involved with aspects of the design and reform effort, please contact Betsy Davis.

Elizabeth A. Davis is Professor; Science Education

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