Friday, May 25, 2012

We’re partnering with Detroit Public Schools and Detroit arts organizations at the Detroit School of Arts

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I was in Detroit on May 21, 2012, for a press conference at which the Detroit Public Schools announced an innovative partnership. We are working with parents and community members, with Detroit Public Schools teachers and administrators, and with the leaders of several major Detroit arts organizations to enhance the vibrant programs at Detroit School of Arts. Our goal is to transform this high school into the top arts-infused, academically rigorous high school in the United States.

Numerous SOE faculty members, students, and staff members representing our interests in science, history, mathematics, English language arts, and outreach have worked to bring the project to this exciting phase. Dr. Vicki Haviland deserves particular appreciation for her work with teachers and parents of the school and for her work on several special projects we have already participated in at the school.

The school is being managed by a governing council, of which I am honored to be a member. In addition, Dr. Lester Monts (senior vice provost for academic affairs, senior counselor to the president for the arts, diversity, and undergraduate affairs, and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Music); Dr. Jim Kelly (founding president and CEO of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards); Mr. Stuart Frankel (owner and founder, Stuart Frankel Development Company and chair, Detroit Arts Corridor Organization); Ms. Katy Locker (program director, Hudson-Webber Foundation); and Dr. Glenda Price (president emeritus, Marygrove College, Detroit Institute of Arts director, Detroit Symphony Orchestra secretary, Focus: HOPE chair, Center for Michigan director) have been named as members. A seventh, parent member is yet to be named.

You can find links to the Detroit Public Schools news release and several news articles in the news section of our website.

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