Wednesday, February 25, 2004

CSHPE Student Receives Leadership Award

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2/25/2004 - Sonia DeLuca is being recognized by the University of Michigan as a recipient of the Michigan Leadership Tapestry Award. The Award recognizes students, staff, and faculty who demonstrate a "way of being that contributes to intercultural awareness and relationship building through leading, teaching, serving, and reflecting the values of social justice, multiculturalism, and diversity." This person should also "be instrumental in promoting social justice, multiculturalism, and diversity locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally for the creation of a more enriched and socially just world."

Sonia is a second year doctoral student at CSHPE whose academic work centers on issues of social justice and educational equity. Sonia currently serves on many committees at the SoE, including the Equity and Social Justice Committee, the Social Justice and Educational Equity Gradgroup, and the Task Force on Social Justice and School Leadership. She is a graduate student coordinator of the Critical Issues in Social Justice and Education seminar. She is also a member of the University of Michigan Diversity Council and is part of the Diversity Summit initiative.

Prior to coming to Michigan, Sonia worked at Rutgers University as Director of Off-Campus Student Services, and has also worked in multicultural affairs/student services, student activities, and mentoring and leadership programs. She has also presented at many conferences, including NCORE, ACPA, CAACURH, and ASHE. Sonia earned a Bachelor's degree in African American Studies and a Master's degree in Social Foundations of Education, both at the University of Iowa.

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