Monday, December 19, 2016

Christina Weiland article published on Brookings Brown Center Chalkboard


Christina Weiland, together with colleagues Daphna Bassok (University of Virginia) and Katherine Magnuson (University of Wisconsin-Madison), published “Building a cohesive, high-quality early childhood system” on the Brookings Brown Center Chalkboard. The December 19 piece appeared in a new Brookings series titled, “Memos to the president on the future of education policy.”

Weiland and her colleagues detail three key challenges in the current early education landscape: the high cost of care, low levels of pay and training for early education teachers, and fragmentation across programs with starkly different quality regulations, funding streams, and goals.

To read Weiland’s three actionable recommendations, visit the Brookings Brown Center Chalkboard.

Christina Weiland is Associate Professor, with Tenure

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