Friday, March 26, 2010

Chris Quintana, Clara Cahill, and Shannon Schmoll's Zydeco Project to be displayed at the Duderstadt Center from April 12-22

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Chris Quintana, Clara Cahill, and Shannon Schmoll are part of a project team that was selected to participate in the 2010 Grant Opportunities [Collaborative Spaces] (GROCS) Program, part of the Digital Media Commons at U-M.

The GROCS Program selects between four and six digital media projects annually and provides them collaborative space, equipment, and funding ($2500 per student) to engage in interdisciplinary research of their own design.

Quintana, Cahill, and Schmoll are part of the Zydeco Project, which is exploring how mobile technologies (e.g., iPhones) can be used to extend science inquiry activity from classrooms to museums and other out-of-school settings.  The project is exploring the notion of "science-to-go", using mobile technologies to bridge formal and informal learning environments so that students can: (1) access aspects of their classroom discussions away from the classroom, (2) capture information and data artifacts in the museum, and (3) access those information artifacts back in the classroom for further discussion and analysis.  The team is working with the University of Michigan Exhibit Museum of Natural History to build and iteratively test the Zydeco iPhone software this semester with small groups of middle school students to see how to support their data gathering activities in the museum.

GROCS culminates with a reception and showing of this year's projects in The Gallery at the Duderstadt Center on April 16th, 2010, from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.  Project information for Zydeco and the other 2010 GROCS projects will be on display in The Gallery from April 12-22. Chris Quintana is an assistant professor of education.

The graduate student project team:

* Clara Cahill, School of Education (Science Education) and Museum Studies * Shannon Schmoll, School of Education and Astronomy * Alex Kuhn, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science * Alex Pompe, School of Information

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