Monday, July 07, 2014

Chauncey Monte-Sano co-authors new book on writing

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Reading, Thinking, and Writing About History: Teaching Argument Writing to Diverse Learners in the Common Core Classroom, Grades 6-12, a new book by Chauncey Monte-Sano, Susan De La Paz of the University of Maryland and Mark Felton of San Jose State University, is now being published by Teachers College Press of Columbia University.

Addressing a need for guidelines, lesson plans, assessments and other materials for teachers that are lacking in Common Core curricula in history, the book is described as a practical guide that “presents six research-tested historical investigations along with all corresponding teaching materials and tools that have improved the historical thinking and argumentative writing of academically diverse students.”

Learn more about the book here.

Chauncey B. Monte-Sano is Associate Professor

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