Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Chauncey Monte-Sano and Mary Schleppegrell's Read.Inquire.Write. curriculum reviewed in History Tech


Glenn Wiebe reviewed the social studies curriculum Read.Inquire.Write. developed by Professors Chauncey Monte-Sano and Mary Schleppegrell in his article “You want kids to have skills. Read Inquire Write can help.”

Wiebe describes the shift in state standards from an instructional focus on memorizing details to encouraging analyzing evidence, solving problems, and sharing solutions. He writes, “Teachers appreciated the freedom to focus on the doing of social studies rather than asking kids to memorize minutiae. But this “new” style of teaching can be time consuming and difficult.”

Organizations and researchers have produced examples, resources, lessons, student samples, and rubrics to support educators. Monte-Sano and Schleppegrell’s Read.Inquire.Write “builds on the momentum of earlier research and adds their own unique strategies. RIW is designed to give you resources and tools that support reading and analyzing complex texts from multiple perspectives and prepares students to write arguments that are supported by evidence and disciplinary reasoning,” says Wiebe.

Wiebe praises Read.Inquire.Write. for supporting students’ ability to learn to read and analyze sources, recognize multiple perspectives, assess the reliability of sources, discuss and deliberate sources and ideas, and develop disciplinary language. While completing writing prompts, students also improve their reading, analysis, and speaking skills along with their knowledge of the particular topics under investigation.

Chauncey B. Monte-Sano is Chair, Elementary Teacher Education; Associate Professor

Mary J. Schleppegrell is Professor

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