Thursday, April 17, 2014

Catherine Reischl talks about El Sistema in AAPS News

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Catherine Reischl, a clinical associate professor who is coordinator of the Mitchell Scarlett Teaching and Learning Collaborative (MSTLC), was quoted in a story on the Ann Arbor Public Schools website, AAPS News, on the El Sistema music program.

El Sistema is a music education system pioneered in Venezuela that combines full ensemble rehearsals with sectionals, and partner and individual lessons. It complements other extended-day and extended-year programs offered through the MSTLC partnership. Reischl collaborated with U-M’s School of Music, Theatre and Dance, and School of Social Work on implementing El Sistema at Mitchell Elementary School.

“A big piece of El Sistema is involving the families,” Reischl said. “Families attend performances, but they are also very well informed about the activities of El Sistema and how their children are doing. They are key players in this four-day-a-week process.”

Read the full story in AAPS News here.

Cathy Hindman Reischl is Clinical Professor

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