Monday, May 07, 2018

Camille Wilson and collaborators at 482Forward awarded Ginsberg Center Community Engagement Grant


Professor Camille Wilson and a team of collaborators at the community-based organization (CBO) 482Forward in Detroit were awarded a one-year Ginsberg Center Community Engagement Grant to help support a collaborative research project called “Sustaining Transformative Educational Leadership, Learning, and Research (STELLAR).”

482Forward is an influential organization in Detroit dedicated to advancing educational justice and equity-oriented school reform for the city’s students and families. STELLAR will unite Dr. Wilson’s U-M School of Education research team with adult and youth community organizers at the CBO to study and support the organization’s leadership development and sustainability efforts as it prepares to undergo its first major leadership transition. STELLAR researchers, guided by participatory action research (PAR) methodology, will collaborate to conduct pre- and post-transition focus groups, interviews, and observations of leadership and advisory board meetings. They will also survey members and use their feedback to co-develop several resources that 482Forward has identified as priority products that can aid its organizational leadership development and sustainability. Such resources will include an organizational leadership curriculum for youth and adults. Data previously collected from Dr. Wilson’s prior study of 482Forward’s leadership and educational reform influence will also inform the STELLAR project. 

STELLAR researchers will comprise Dr. Wilson, as the principal investigator, along with 482Forward’s co-founders/co-directors, members of the CBO’s research committee, and student researchers from U-M and Detroit public schools. The collaboration is ultimately designed to help 482Forward strengthen its ability to keep advocating for democratic, public education improvement.

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