Friday, June 12, 2009

Brian Rowan contributes to Michigan conversation on length of the K-12 school year

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In the United States, K-12 students spend an average of 180 days per year in school. In Michigan, the average is 171 days.

The Michigan House of Representatives has voted to impose a 170-day minimum requirement to be included in next year's education budget. The Michigan Senate will take up this issue later.

The Detroit Free Press ran an article on this topic in their June 11, 2009, issue. In this story, Brian Rowan, Burke A. Hinsdale Collegiate Professor in Education, discussed his research on time for learning. He adds a bit of context, saying that the U.S. average of 180 days is within international norms, and he adds "the number of days kids spend in school isn't a predictor of international differences in achievement."

Rowan suggests than an effective and possibly less-expensive alternative may be quality summer school programs for kids who are struggling, in addition to before- and after-school programs.

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