Thursday, August 23, 2012

Deborah Ball quoted as Michigan Council on Educator Effectiveness announces pilot schools and teacher evaluation methods

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Articles posted on and on, as well as published in the Detroit News and the  Detroit Free Press on August 23, 2012, reported that the Michigan Council on Educator Effectiveness (MCEE), chaired by Deborah Loewenberg Ball, has announced the pilot schools that will test four teacher evaluation methods.

Four different evaluation models will be tried in fourteen school districts; the number of districts allows for a diverse sample of district's geographic locations, demographics, and sizes. The models being piloted include The Thoughtful Classroom, Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching, the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model, and 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning.

From the article:

Part of the purpose behind Michigan’s pilot year is to allow teachers and principals the opportunity to provide “on the ground feedback” and contribute to the decision, MCEE chairwoman and University of Michigan School of Education Dean Deborah Loewenberg Ball said in a release.

“The MCEE takes seriously our charge to ensure the design of a fair, reliable and feasible approach to educator evaluation in our state,” Ball said.

“This pilot is crucial to that work and to the future of Michigan’s K-12 schools because it will allow us to learn about educator evaluation as it takes place in real school settings.”

Deborah Loewenberg Ball is the William H. Payne Collegiate Chair, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, and dean of the School of Education.

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