Monday, August 20, 2012

School of Education experts available to discuss back-to-school issues

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These faculty experts are available to speak to journalists about back-to-school topics.

David Cohen, the John Dewey Collegiate Professor of Education and professor of public policy, has conducted research on educational policy, the relations between policy and instruction, and the improvement of teaching. He can speak to evidence that charter schools perform no better, and sometimes worse, than public schools. He can be contacted at 734.763.0226 or

Elizabeth Birr Moje, associate dean for research and an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in the School of Education, has research interests revolving around the intersection between the literacies and texts youth are asked to learn in the disciplines (particularly in science and social studies) and the literacies and texts they experience outside of school. She can be reached at 734.647.9571 or

Carla O'Connor, associate professor and an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in the School of Education, is an expert in the areas of African-American achievement, urban education and ethnographic methods. Her work includes examinations of how black identity is differentially constructed across multiple contexts and informs achievement outcomes, and how black people's perceptions of opportunity vary within space and influence academic orientation. She can be reached at 734.647.0606 or

Allison Ryan, associate professor of education, studies students' transitions from elementary to middle school, specifically looking at differences in students in K-8 schools to students in K-6 who move to middle school for 7-8. She can be contacted at 734.764.8416 or


A listing of additional perspectives from faculty members affiliated with other parts of the university is available from the University of Michigan News Office.

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