Friday, January 25, 2019

Awilda Rodriguez interviewed in Making It: Latino Students’ Pathways to College documentary


Professor Awilda Rodriguez was interviewed in a documentary developed by Regional Educational Laboratory Midwest and Detroit Public Television, with funding provided by the Institute of Education Sciences. Making It: Latino Students' Pathways to College explores best practices for educating Latino students and preparing students for college. The documentary’s producer, Sarah Zientarski Smith, and editor, Tina Brunn, are University of Michigan alumni.

The Latino student population has risen from 8.8 million to 17.9 million and now makes up almost a quarter of students in U.S. schools. Educators are working to tailor Latino students' education to reflect their cultural needs and prepare them for college and career readiness. Making It: Latino Students' Pathways to College highlights the predominantly Latino Cesar Chavez Academy High School in Detroit and the College Assistance Migrant Program at Michigan State University.

Rodriguez speaks about affirming students’ identities in schools, establishing strong parental engagement, and supporting students during the transition to college. “One of the things schools can do to help Latino students in the college transition is to ensure that they’re taking the hardest classes available. We do have some research that shows that there are a lot of Latino students, as well as other students of color, that may not necessarily be encouraged in some cases to go onto the hardest classes,” says Rodriguez. Rodriguez also points to the importance of academic, financial, and social-emotional support for students’ transitions to college.

Awilda Rodriguez is Assistant Professor

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