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Adolescent Literacy Symposium, March 6, 2006—at Michigan Union

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3/2/06 - Language—both oral and written—plays an important role in adolescents’ learning. At University of Michigan and across the nation, educators are grappling with important questions about adolescent literacies: What roles do oral and written language play in knowledge-making across disciplines? How do we address questions of motivation and differing experiences and skill levels among adolescents as they engage in learning? The Office of State and Governmental Relations and the University of Michigan School of Education are co-sponsoring a symposium on adolescent literacy, exploring these questions: Toward the Improvement of Secondary School Teaching and Learning: Integrating Language, Literacy, and Subject Matter, to be held on Monday, March 6, 2006, at the Michigan Union.

The symposium brings together the many different players in the education of preservice teachers on the University of Michigan campus: faculty in the School of Education, in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, inservice teachers who guide and mentor preservice candidates through their field experiences, and teachers and administrators from surrounding school districts. Speakers have been asked to speak both to the preservice teachers and to each other about their views on the role of oral and written language in their disciplinary work.

The morning keynote, looking at the development of literate competence across knowledge domains, will be given by Dr. Patricia Alexander, University of Maryland, followed by breakouts featuring UM disciplinary experts. The afternoon keynote, by Dr. Allan Wigfield, University of Maryland, focusing on motivation and development in adolescences, will be followed by breakouts featuring content area methods scholars. A panel discussion featuring practitioners and a reception will conclude the event.

Papers and presentations are now available on the ALS Web page.

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