Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Michigan Radio spotlights The Rounds Project

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Michigan Radio reporter Jennifer Guerra followed the Rounds Project for a May 29 segment on the station’s State of Opportunity program. Guerra explores how the program is helping undergraduate students who are studying to become high school teachers prepare to teach in diverse classrooms.

The Rounds Project, created by professors Bob Bain and Elizabeth Moje, is designed to address the fragmentation that defines most teacher education in the United States. Bain and Moje, both of whom worked as secondary teachers before becoming education faculty, set out to design a program to better integrate literacy teaching practices into history and social studies teacher education. Their work quickly evolved to also focus on creating a sense of congruity across curricula and activities for education students.

Since the program's inception, it has become a core component of the School of Education's secondary teacher education program, and it is making a great improvement in the skill and ability of beginning teachers. Employing the techniques used to train medical interns, the program uses attending teachers to help interns hone specific skills critical to successful teaching. Bain and Moje were honored with the Provost's Teaching Innovation Prize in 2010 for their work on the Rounds Project.

Guerra follows the work of two students involved in the Rounds Project to see how their experiences have prepared them to become effective beginning teachers in multicultural classroom settings. As Guerra points out, the majority of teachers come from white, middle class backgrounds, but they need to be capable of serving a diverse population of students. The Rounds Project helps them to do just that by exposing teacher interns to a wide range of learners, schools, and realistic challenges that they will face in their own classrooms.

To listen to Michigan Radio’s feature on The Rounds Project, go to the Michigan Radio website.

For additional information about the Rounds Project, read the feature in Innovator magazine.

Bob Bain is Associate Professor, School of Education; Associate Professor, Department of History, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Elizabeth Birr Moje is George Herbert Mead Collegiate Professor of Education and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; Dean of the School of Education

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