New Student Orientation

From the Dean

Dean Moje

I am delighted to welcome you to the School of Education community. We are eager to introduce you to your new colleagues, including an accomplished student body, a world-renowned faculty, and an energetic and supportive staff.

As a top research institution and a great public university with over 200 years of history, we are proud of the unique opportunities that we are able to offer you. Our students come to this school having had diverse experiences and with varied perspectives and interests. This is perhaps our greatest strength. Wherever your interests lie, we look forward to helping you explore them deeply, even as we challenge you to broaden your horizons.

We value your commitment to challenging inequality, building healthy communities, creating strong educational structures, and advocating for meaningful reform. Our most important purpose is to help you achieve the world you envision. You know that education is a powerful force for change, and we know that you will play an important role in that change.

We are honored to support your academic journey and look forward to working with you.