Licensure in Michigan

In addition to the requirements of the School of Education program, the State of Michigan has requirements with which any teacher candidate must comply in order to receive teacher certification. These requirements are applicable to all of the teacher certification programs within the state.

CPR and First Aid

Michigan Public Act 18 of 2003 requires all teacher candidates to be certified in CPR (Child and Adult) and first aid prior to being recommended for teacher certification. The legislation stipulates that this training must be completed through the American Red Cross or American Heart Association.

NOTE: Because the CPR certification is valid only for one year, the program recommends that teacher candidates complete this training during their student teaching, or final term in the program (whichever is later).

In order to help our teacher candidates meet this certification requirement, the School of Education has partnered with the Washtenaw County chapter of the American Red Cross to offer this certification course to School of Education students during fall and winter semesters. Information about course dates and times will be distributed to teacher candidates at the beginning of their student teaching term.

Teacher candidates also have the option of contacting the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association directly to arrange to take a CPR/first aid course. Teacher candidates must send copies of the front and back of their CPR/first aid cards to the Teacher Education Office (Room 1228) in the School of Education, to the attention of the academic advisors. Cards should include both the instructor's and student's signature.

Criminal Background Check and Fingerprinting

Michigan's "School Safety" legislation (2005) requires that all potential employees of public schools in the State of Michigan be fingerprinted and subjected to a criminal background check prior to hire. A teacher candidate can be denied initial certification, or certification can be delayed, if his or her background reveals a felony or certain enumerated misdemeanor convictions.

All newly admitted teacher candidates must provide proof that a State of Michigan and FBI criminal background check (via LIVESCAN fingerprinting) has been conducted. The results of the criminal background check must be submitted to the program according to current policy. This must be done before any field placement in a K-12 setting can occur.

Additionally, two signed criminal affidavits are required: 1) prior to student teaching, and 2) prior to recommendation for certification to the State of Michigan.

It is likely that school districts in which teacher candidates are placed for practicum and/or student teaching may ask for fingerprint results before agreeing to host the teacher candidate.

Teacher candidates are expected to report any criminal convictions that occur during their tenure in our teacher education program to their program coordinator.

Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC)

The MTTC basic skills and subject area tests are designed and implemented by the Michigan Department of Education and are meant to ensure that each certified teacher has the necessary basic skills and subject area knowledge to serve in Michigan schools.

Basic Skills Test:
Candidates in our teacher education programs must take and pass all three sections (reading, math, and writing) of the basic skills test prior to being eligible to student teach.

Subject Area Tests:
The subject area tests should not be taken before the teacher candidate's final year in the program.

Elementary candidates:
Before being recommended to the State for teacher certification, elementary teacher candidates must take and pass the MTTC test in elementary education. Additionally, elementary teacher candidates who wish to teach in subject-specific classrooms in grades 6-8, must take and pass MTTC tests in their teaching major and minor. The program strongly encourages elementary teacher candidates to take and pass the appropriate subject-area tests. So, as an elementary teacher candidate, you can expect to take two, three, or four MTTC tests while in our program.

Secondary and K-12 candidates:
Before being recommended to the State of Michigan for teacher certification, secondary teacher candidates must take and pass the subject area tests in their teaching major(s) and minor(s). As a secondary teacher candidate, you can expect to take at least three MTTC tests while in our program.

Test Registration Information:
MTTC tests are offered four times each year: in January, April, July, and October. MTTC registration information, as well as test objectives and study guides for each subject-area test, are available online.

The MTTC website offers answers to frequently asked questions.

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