Graduate Program Admissions

The School of Educations's graduate programs are administered through the University of Michigan's Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies (Rackham), as are most non-professional graduate degrees at the university. Rackham offers a host of resources and administrative support to help see you through from submitting your application to completion of your degree. Interested in applying to a graduate program in the School of Education? We encourage you to follow these steps:

1. Register as a prospective student and obtain a UMID (University of Michigan ID) number Having a UMID number will aid in the processing of your application.

2. Attend a prospective student event or schedule a visit Learn more about our programs by participating in a webinar or by scheduling a personalized visit. Students interested in a teaching certification program may also attend an M-Teach, elementary master of arts with certification, or secondary master of arts with certification information session. Dates for these frequently scheduled sessions can be found on our academic calendar.

3. Apply Each of the School of Education graduate programs may have unique application processes. For the most complete application instructions and requirements, click on the academic program that interests you below

Master's Programs

Master of Arts in Educational Studies

Master of Arts in Higher Education

Doctoral Programs

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies

Doctor of Philosphy in English and Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Psychology

Doctor of Philosphy in Higher Education

4. Check your application status Approximately 6-10 days after submitting your application, you will be able to review your application status in Wolverine Access under New & Prospective Student Business. View information about logging into your account.

Non-Candidate for Degree Status

Students not seeking a degree may be granted admission to take one or more courses in a field of interest, either for professional reasons or to enhance their academic capabilities. The university offers two types of non-candidate for degree statuses: unclassified and departmental. Unclassified students are usually limited to two courses and the application process is solely through Rackham. Courses taken at this level do not automatically count towards a graduate degree program and the admission is for one term only. The departmental status is for students who may opt to enter a formal degree program in the future and/or for those who want to take more than two classes. The School of Education is involved in accepting or denying applications for departmental non-candidate for degree status. For more information on the unclassified option, review the Rackham unclassified students, non-candidate for degree application, and our unclassified non-candidate for degree admissions checklist. For more information on the departmental option, download our departmental non-candidate for degree admissions checklist.


It is imperative that students interested in admission to programs in the School of Education meet all deadlines for submitting applications and relevant materials. Deadlines may differ slightly for different programs. Deadlines can be found on our academic calendar.

If you have questions, please review the School of Education frequently asked questions or contact the Office of Student Affairs.

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