Freshman Admissions

The School of Education admits students for undergraduate degrees as juniors. Freshmen begin their University of Michigan education by applying through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and later transfer to the School of Education. We encourage freshmen applicants to enroll in our Preferred Admissions program. This guarantees admission to the school as a junior, advising from the School of Education during the freshman and sophomore years, and more.

Students interested in teacher certification programs should attend a Teacher Certification Information Session to learn more about the benefits of getting teacher certification at the University of Michigan, about our undergraduate certification programs, and more about the application process. Please check our calendar for upcoming session dates.

How to Apply

Go to and select Start your Application.

You will complete The Common Application, including a School of Education Additional Information section. As part of the application process you will either upload or be given detailed instructions for submitting the following supplemental materials:

1. Official transcripts
2. Three letters of recommendation (see detailed instructions below)
3. An essay in which you describe the unique qualities that attracted you to the field of education and specifically to the School of Education teacher certification program
4. A current resume that outlines work experience and history, particularly experience with children

Letters of Recommendation

The School of Education requires three letters of recommendation: one from a college or university instructor who can address your academic abilities and two from individuals capable of assessing your ability and potential to become a successful teacher.

Secondary applicants: The first letter must come from a college or university instructor in your teaching major.
Elementary applicants: It is strongly recommended that the first letter come from a college or university instructor in your teaching major.

All letters of recommendation should be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (1220 Student Activities Building, 515 East Jefferson Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1316), as described on the recommendation forms.

Admissions Criteria

Applications will be considered based on the following criteria:

1. Minimum GPA of 2.50
2. Letters of recommendation
3. Application essay and, if applying for secondary program, an additional essay related to your proposed teaching major
4. Resume
5. For non-UM students: High school SAT/ACT scores (from high school transcript) and all non-UM transcripts, including fall term grades
6. Ability to complete 54 semester hours before you enter the program

In addition to meeting these requirements, prospective students are strongly encouraged to gain experience with children prior to entering the program (e.g., tutor, camp counselor, teacher aide).

If you have questions about the application process, please contact the Teacher Education office at 734.615.1528 or

Teacher Education Program

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