Current SOE Students

School of Education students are engaged in a broad and diverse range of activities, both on-and off-campus.

Some very off-campus experiences have been coordinated and led by School of Education faculty and staff as part of the University of Michigan Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates program. In recent years, groups of students have traveled to Hawaii and to New Zealand.

In New Zealand, the students learned about the role of language and culture in schooling in their own and others’ lives in Michigan and in the lives of Maori (indigenous people) and Pakeha (people of European origin) children, youth, and teachers in schools in Aotearoa New Zealand. Students learned through internships in elementary and secondary schools, home stays, readings and workshops, conver­sations with university students and faculty, and journeys to geological and historical sites. Seven of the fifteen students were education majors (six from SOE and one from UM-Flint).

In June 2010, Cathy Reischl and Kathryn Young accompanied 14 undergraduates to work in native Hawaiian communities. The students supported reading and math instruction in a Hawaiian summer school program, participated in service projects, and learned about the lives of native Hawaiian children. They will also worked with two teachers, one of whom is a School of Education alumna, at Kapolei middle school.

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