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We strive to recruit the best students and make it possible for them to study at Michigan. Accessibility and affordability are two key priorities for us as we recruit the best students.

Many scholarships are available to our undergraduate and graduate students. Your generous gift to the School of Education will not only help support scholarships for outstanding students, it will also make dreams come true. Through your generosity, the students you support can help make a difference in our world.

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When it came time for Priscilla Vega-Diaz to begin thinking about what university she wanted to attend, she packed her belongings into a car and drove cross-country from her home in California. On her long journey of discovery, Priscilla found her new home at the University of Michigan School of Education.

“It just seemed like the perfect place for me,” Priscilla said. “I felt that the School of Education at the University of Michigan was where I belonged.

“I had the pleasure of hearing Dean Deborah Ball speak at an event, and I was totally impressed by her presence and vision. That made me even more certain that I was making the right choice.”

Still, there remained the issue of paying for her schooling. Her impeccable scholastic record made her eligible for scholarships, but she worried that it still might not be enough to pay for her college education.

Just a couple of years before Priscilla made her trek across the country, Don and Nancy Kaegi, who met each other while they were attending the University of Michigan, had decided that they wanted to help students like Priscilla realize their dreams of becoming teachers and transforming young lives. The Kaegis established a scholarship called the Kaegi Family Scholarship Fund, which supports School of Education undergraduate students who are selected based on financial need.

“When I was pursuing my MBA, I was fortunate to have received a scholarship,” Don Kaegi said. “I remember thinking at the time that if I had the opportunity to help students in a similar way down the road, I would jump at the chance.”

“Don and I are passionate about supporting teacher education in any way we can,” said Nancy Kaegi, a 1972 graduate of the School of Education. “So much is at stake when it comes to educating our children. This scholarship is really our way to honor the past and invest in the future of education.”

Priscilla was awarded the Kaegi Family Scholarship to help her pursue the dream she has had since she first set foot on the University of Michigan campus. “It was a gift that allowed my dreams to come true. I’m forever grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Kaegi for their generosity.”

Priscilla and the Kaegis recently had occasion to meet each other for the first time, and over lunch Priscilla discussed the many ways that the scholarship has helped her complete her teaching education.

Priscilla will graduate in 2014. The journey that began as she pulled out of the driveway of her family’s home in California is almost over now, and a new one is about to begin.

“I know that I could never have done this without the support of people like the Kaegis. I’m forever indebted to them, and hope to honor their generosity by being the best teacher I can be.”

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