Hosting Educational Studies Interns

The Educational Studies master’s program at the University of Michigan requires all students to participate in an internship as part of their studies in each of the four master’s programs: 

Teaching and Learning
New Media and New Literacies
Educational Leadership and Policy (without administrator certification)1
Program Evaluation and Improvement Research

This internship requires students to spend a minimum of 100 hours engaged in a professional context that connects to their interests during U-M’s winter term (Jan. – Apr.). In the winter term, students enroll in a seminar that seeks to connect their internship experiences and coursework to further their professional development.

Students entering our master’s programs have a broad variety of professional interests. As such, students have had internship placements in many types of organizations, from faculty research teams to philanthropic foundations. Internships can be on-site or remote. Paid opportunities are appreciated, but our students understand that this is not always possible.

Do you work in an organization that supports students and/or their families? Are you in an organization that has a training, learning, or evaluation need? Let us know how your organization can provide opportunities for graduate students to gain professional experience. If you have any questions about hosting Educational Studies interns, please reach out to the program at

If you are interested in recruiting master’s students for internship opportunities, post your opportunity directly to the School of Education using EdWorks, our online recruiting system (here).

1Students seeking administrative certification through the Educational Leadership and Policy program use a different internship model. If your school is interested in hosting an administrative intern, please contact the program at