Jones-Payne Coxford Award

The Jones-Payne-Coxford Award in Mathematics Education is named in honor of Philip S. Jones, Joseph N. Payne, and Arthur F. Coxford, three outstanding professors in mathematics education at the University of Michigan School of Education.

Professor Philip S. Jones received his bachelor of arts and his teacher certification in 1933, his master of arts in 1935, and his PhD in 1948, all from the University of Michigan. He was appointed as an instructor to the University of Michigan Department of Mathematics in 1947 and promoted subsequently to assistant professor in 1948, to associate professor in 1953, and to professor in 1958. Professor Jones was known nationally and internationally as an authority on the history of mathematics and mathematics education and made major contributions to both fields. He retired from the University of Michigan in 1982 after 35 years of service. Professor Jones died in 2002.

Professor Joseph N. Payne came to the University of Michigan in 1957 as assistant professor in the School of Education and teacher of mathematics at the University School. He was promoted to associate professor in 1961 and professor in 1964. Professor Payne taught courses in elementary and middle school mathematics education and conducted research in mathematics instruction. He worked extensively with undergraduates and graduate students, and received consistently excellent student evaluations. Professor Payne retired from the University of Michigan in 1994 after 37 years of service.

Professor Arthur F. Coxford Jr. received his master of arts in 1960 and his PhD in 1965 from the University of Michigan. He taught mathematics at University High School from 1962 until it closed in 1969. Professor Coxford joined the faculty of the School of Education in 1965 and was promoted to professor of mathematics education in 1973. He was a devoted and much-beloved teacher and mentor and was very active in preparing teachers of mathematics. He was a strong supporter of undergraduate teacher education and served as director of the teacher education program at the School of Education. Professor Coxford died in 2000.

The School of Education Jones-Payne Coxford award is open to fourth-year doctoral students in mathematics education who have achieved candidacy.

What is the Application Deadline?

WINTER 2018- The application period has closed. 

SPRING/SUMMER 2018 or FALL 2018:  No applications are available.


Am I Eligible to Receive this Award?

Doctoral students in Educational Studies are eligible to receive this support. The award is open to fourth year doctoral students in mathematics education who have achieved candidacy. It recognizes excellent scholarly achievement, based primarily on the student’s scholarly paper (Preliminary Exam A).

To apply, eligible students must submit a current curriculum vitae, their scholarly paper, and a short essay (max. 500 words) in response to the following questions:

  1. You: What did you learn about yourself as a scholar through this work?
  2. Your trajectory: How does this work advance your thinking towards your dissertation? How does it contribute to and fit in your larger research agenda?
  3. Your work as part of communities: How would you describe the focus and contribution of your paper to other education researchers, (a) those who are also focused on mathematics education and (b) those whose work does not focus in mathematics education?

The Office of Student Affairs Program Manager will send you a link to apply for this support in October.

What Is the Value of the Award?

Candidacy rate tuition, mandatory fees, and health care.

How Will Funds Disburse against My Tuition and/or Fee Charges?

Funds will disburse to cover your tuition and fees.

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