'14 Priscilla Fisher

When it came time for Priscilla Fisher to begin thinking about what university she wanted to attend, she packed her belongings into a car and drove cross-country from her home in California. On her long journey of discovery, Priscilla found her new home (and support) at the University of Michigan School of Education.

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When you enroll in a School of Education program, we try to match you with a variety of scholarships and funding sources.  Keep in mind that your application for these funds is automatic, no action is required of you. We award a number of scholarships which help to replace or reduce students' work-study awards.  Additionally, a number of our students do not have to take out need-based loans.  We determine your eligiblity for the school's need-based scholarship support by reviewing your FAFSA and your Profile.  Transfer students should work closely with the Office of Financial Aid to address questions about applying for and receiving federal aid.

All scholarship inquiries  pertaining to School of Education support should be directed to Student Affairs Program Manager Eileen F. Brussolo.

Additionally, the university's Office of Financial Aid recently published an Application for Travel Funds for 2020 During Student Teaching Term, a form that you can complete during your student teaching term.

Please click on the programs below in which you are interested to learn more about funding opportunities:

Elementary Teacher Education
Secondary Teacher Education

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Eileen F. Brussolo

8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

610 E. University Ave.
Room 1228
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1259

Phone: 734.936.1829
or: 734.615.1528
Fax: 734.647.9158

Funding Opportunities

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