Brian A. Burt, PhD

As a doctoral student, Brian received a number of research grants, domestic and international travel grants, private scholarships, foundation awards, departmental fellowships, and Rackham fellowships, and he worked as a GSI and GSRA, which provided full tuition, a monthly stipend, and health and dental care.

"Michigan was my top choice because of the cutting-edge research currently taking place, as well as the legacy CSHPE alums have contributed to the field of higher education. I wanted to further my training where leading scholars in the field were trained - Michigan! 

"My CSHPE peers are among my greatest sources of inspiration and support, all of which I was looking for in a doctoral program. Being socialized within this intellectual culture, I know that achieving academic success is a reality."

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Investing in your education is a wise decision! At the University of Michigan, we are committed to helping our students find funding to cover tuition and expenses. There are numerous scholarships and funds for which you will be automatically considered when you apply to the school; we will let you know if you qualify for any of these awards and what amount of support it includes.

Additionally, the university's Office of Financial Aid recently published an Application for Travel Funds for 2018-2019 Clinical Placements, a form that you can complete so that mileage to your student teaching assignment and clinical placement can be calculated. Subsequently, the Office of Financial Aid will review your budget adjustment request. If your budget adjustment request is approved, your loans will not be increased automatically, you must request additional loan borrowing in writing.

Keep in mind that the amount of support you may receive is predicated on your level in school, the period of time that you are enrolled, etc.

Please find the funding page for your program from the lists below.

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Elementary Teacher Education
Secondary Teacher Education

Master's Degree Programs

MA in Educational Studies

Elementary Teacher Education (ELMAC)
Secondary Teacher Education (Secondary MAC)
Digital Media and Education
Educational Assessment and Evaluation
Educational Policy and Leadership
Teaching and Learning
Urban Pedagogy
Peace Corps Master's International
Educational Studies and MBA (Dual Degree)

MS in Educational Studies

Post-Secondary Science Education

MA in Higher Education

Higher Education
Diversity and Social Justice in Higher Education
Higher Education and Master of Public Policy (Dual Degree)
Philanthropy, Advancement, and Development
Higher Education and MBA (Dual Degree)
Higher Education Institutional Research
Higher Education Management and Organizations
Higher Education Public Policy
Higher Education Student Access and Success

Doctoral Degree Programs

PhD in Educational Studies

Education and Statistics (Dual Degree)
Educational Administration and Policy
Educational Foundations and Policy
Learning Technologies
Literacy, Language, and Culture
Mathematics Education
Science Education
Teaching and Teacher Education
Individually Designed Concentration

PhD in English and Education

English and Education

PhD in Education and Psychology

Education and Psychology

PhD in Higher Education

Academic Affairs and Student Development
Organizational Behavior and Management
Public Policy in Postsecondary Education
Research, Evaluation, and Assessment
Individually Designed Concentration

Teacher Certification Programs

Bachelor of Arts or Science - Elementary (grades k-8)
Bachelor of Arts or Science - Secondary (grades 6-12)
Elementary Master of Arts with Certification (ELMAC)
Secondary Master of Artrs with Certification (Secondary MAC)
W.K. Kellogg Foundation-Woodrow Wilson Michigan Teaching Fellowship
Teach for American Certification Program

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