Forms & Guidelines

Staff Grievance and Resolution

Last modified: September 16, 2015


The SOE staff grievance and resolution policy and procedures are defined at the University level and reflect the entry, 201.08 Grievance Procedure and Dispute Resolution, in the U-M Standard Practice Guide. The policy and procedures, therein, apply to staff members not covered under a collective bargaining agreement. In the case of staff who are covered under a collective bargaining agreement (e.g., GEO, LEO), the SOE follows grievance and conflict resolution procedures outlined in the relevant agreement.

Rima Berry-Hung, the human resources officer for the School of Education, counsels and assists supervisors, managers, and employees in resolving problems and grievances. She also serves as the unit liaison for the School of Education regarding LEO and GEO rules and regulations and works closely with faculty, directors, and academic human resources regarding contract interpretation and implementation.