Forms & Guidelines

SOE Approval for Rackham Pre-Defense Review and Oral Defense

Contact: Jessica Mason, Admissions and Graduate Records Coordinator, Senior
Last modified: November 10, 2018

The School of Education requires ES and CSHPE doctoral candidates to hold a pre-oral meeting with their dissertation committee prior to the Rackham Pre-Defense Review and oral defense. The purpose of the pre-oral meeting is for the dissertation committee to review the draft of the dissertation that is to be defended. At this meeting any concerns, questions about the research, methodology, data, or presentation should be discussed and revisions (if needed) will be outlined.

The form, SOE Approval for Rackham Pre-Defense Review and Oral Defense, is to be taken to SOE pre-oral meeting and signed by all dissertation committee members. Form is to be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs (Suite 1228).

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