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Technology Services is the unit that oversees and manages many of the instructional and research resources for the School of Education. Among these resources are Technology Services Resources, as well as Audio-Visual and Multimedia Resources.

The service goal of Technology Services is to provide an informed diagnosis, and resolution whenever possible, of any non-emergency, computer-related problem within five days. For emergency computer-related problems, the goal is to have the concerned individual effectively operational as soon as possible. Emergencies are defined as systemic network outages affecting the entire community, or systemic problems with lab computers when the problem prevents a faculty member from using the lab for some scheduled activity.

Please note that certain classrooms and technology resources in the school require users to be trained in the use of equipment. Appointments for training on the use of specialized classroom or laboratory equipment must be scheduled prior to the first class session during which said classroom or equipment will be used.

Nate Blunt

Instructional Learning Assistant

Vinita Bolleddu

Database Analyst

Drew W. Dixon

Data Security Analyst

Joanna Elliott

Instructional Learning Assistant

Joseph J. Gorde

Director of Technology Services, Director of Information Technology

Ronald Alan Miller

Assistant Director of Instructional Technology

Zachary Power

Network and Computer Support

Jake Salazar

Web Administrator

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