Office of Student Affairs

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The Office of Student Affairs is a resource for prospective and current students, student organizations, faculty, administration, staff, and alumni. Through a myriad of services, programs and activities, the office supports and encourages the intellectual, vocational, personal, social, and cultural development of students.

The office's diverse and comprehensive set of responsibilities makes it the perfect place to direct all inquiries. The staff are ready to support inquiries related to admissions, financial aid, registration, advising, course selection, teacher certification, retention concerns, and graduation requirements.

Eileen F. Brussolo

Student Affairs Program Manager

Katie Dauka

Managing Director for Recruitment and Admissions

Timothy Golden

Recruitment Coordinator

Emily Jenkins

Educational Studies Master's Recruitment Coordinator

Jessica Mason

Admissions and Graduate Records Coordinator

Laura Mayers

Career Coordinator

Shamille Orr

Associate Director of Student Affairs and Career Services

Margaret Throckmorton

Administrative Assistant Associate

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