Office of Communications

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The staff of this office is responsible for internal and external communications, including media relations, marketing, events, website, digital signage, hallway displays, and publications. In addition, the staff develops and implements graphic, style, and editorial standards.

All requests for web, print, design, and photos should be sent via email to

School of Education Branding

The School of Education’s brand is in strict alignment with the University of Michigan branding.

Logos, stationery, and PowerPoint templates are all available and ready to download from our website. See Related Forms & Guidelines below.

Business cards for the School of Education departments and units are available to order through University of Michigan Printing Services.

If you need a custom logo for a School of Education academic program(s) or if you have any questions, please contact

Danielle Dimcheff

Director of Communications

Brenna Dugan


Anita Lautenbach

Administrative Assistant

Mary Micallef

Multimedia Designer

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