Student Advisory Board

The School of Education Student Advisory Board's purpose is to provide advice and feedback on important student issues related to the School of Education. The Advisory Board is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students associated with the SOE, and is advised by Shamille Orr, the Interim Director of Students Affairs. The Board meets monthly throughout the academic year and encourages continued discussion on SOE climate, diversity, improvement initiatives, as well as emergent issues. The recommendations of the Board help to influence student experiences and services.

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Kelsey Corrigan

Elementary Teacher Education, Junior

Annie Blais

Doctoral Student, Educational Studies

Karina Forsythe

Elementary Teacher Education Preferred Admit

Mallory Hardaway

Secondary Teacher Education, Senior

Sarah McKellar

Doctoral Student, Combined Program in Education and Psychology

Allison Meyer

Elementary Teacher Education Preferred Admit

Christina Morton

Doctoral Student, Higher Education, SAB Chair

Richard Nunn

Doctoral Student, Higher Education

Christine Quince

Doctoral Student, Educational Studies

Kimberly Ransom

Doctoral Student, Educational Studies

Abigail Stull

Elementary Education, Senior

Frank Suarez-Roman

Master's Student, Higher Education

Mary Taylor

Master's Student, Higher Education

William Waychunas

Doctoral Student, Educational Studies

Shamille Orr

Associate Director of Student Affairs and Career Services, SAB Staff Advisor

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