Online Learning Committee

This committee will be responsible for discussing possibilities for new online learning options, evaluating proposals from faculty members to launch online courses or future micromasters' proposals, evaluating the costs and benefits of online ventures, developing a strategic plan around online learning in accordance with the School's five-year vision. The committee will make annual recommendations on online learning to the dean.

Nell K. Duke

Professor, Educational Studies (2017-19) (*sabbatical 2018-19)

Debi Khasnabis

Clinical Professor, Educational Studies (2017-19)

Vilma Mesa

Associate Professor, CSHPE (2017-19)

Donald J. Peurach

Associate Professor, Educational Studies (2017-19)

Michael N. Bastedo

Ex-officio, Director, CSHPE (*sabbatical 2018-19)

Patricio Herbst

Ex-officio, Chair, ES

Edward A. Silver

Ex-Officio, Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

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