Executive Committee

This group is charged with investigating and formulating educational, research, and instructional policies for consideration by the faculty and acts for the faculty in matters of budgets, promotions, and appointments. The committee also acts for the faculty on matters related to academic programs and curriculum, including the review and approval of proposals for new academic programs or major curriculum changes.

In an effort to update the SOE community about the work of the Executive Committee (EC) EC agendas are posted by the Monday preceding each EC meeting, and provide details about each topic (as appropriate). Agendas are annotated after each meeting to include any decisions that were made. If you see something of interest or concern during your review of the agendas, we encourage you to contact a member of the Executive Committee to share your thoughts. 

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Elizabeth Birr Moje

Dean of the School of Education

Phillip J. Bowman

Voting Member (CSHPE, 2022)

Timothy Boerst

Voting Member (at-large, clinical, 2020) *sabbatical Fall 2019

Elizabeth A. Davis

Voting Member (at-large, 2020)

Matthew Diemer

Voting Member (at-large, 2020)

Leslie Rupert Herrenkohl

Voting Member (ES, 2022)

Liz Kolb

Voting Member (at-large, clinical) *replacement for Tim Boerst, Fall 2019

Carla O'Connor

Voting Member (at-large, 2021)

Vasti Torres

Voting Member (at large, 2021)

Michael N. Bastedo

Ex-Officio, Director, CSHPE (2019-2022)

Anne Ruggles Gere

Ex-Officio, Chair, JPEE

Kendra Hearn

Ex-Officio, Chair, Secondary TE (2016-2020)

Debi Khasnabis

Ex-Officio, associate faculty chair, Elementary TE (2019-2022)

Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar

Ex-Officio, Chair, ES (2018-2021)

Allison M. Ryan

Ex-Officio, Chair, CPEP (2018-2021)

Emanuele Bardelli

GSCO Student Representative (ES) (2019-20, 2nd term)

Rebecca Marks

GSCO Student Representative (CPEP) (2019-20, 1st term)

Christina Morton

GSCO Student Representative (CSHPE) (2019-20, 2nd term)

Henry Meares

Ex-Officio, Assistant Dean for Recruitment, K-16 Relations and Special Projects

Shari Saunders

Ex-Officio, Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Teacher Education (2019-2020)

Edward A. Silver

Ex-Officio, Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies (2019-2020)

Ryan Noel

Ex-Officio, Chief of Staff and Strategic Advisor to the Dean

Angela Snow

staff support, Assistant to the Dean

Katie Hayes

Hayes staff support, Executive Communication and Faculty Affairs Assistant to the Dean

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