Education Diversity Advisory Committee

This committee is charged with advising on practices and protocols related to diversity and equity in the school, specifically in the core areas of faculty and staff hiring, student recruitment and support, initiatives focused on professional development and community learning, organizational climate and culture, and school policies. The committee advises program chairs on issues related to curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Patricia M. King

Co-Chair of EDAC and Professor, CSHPE (1st term)

Henry Meares

Co-Chair of EDAC and Assistant Dean, Director of Academic Program (2nd term)

Phillip J. Bowman

Professor, CSHPE (CSHPE lead for dije efforts, 2nd term)

Chris Quintana

Professor, Ed Studies (1st term)

Deborah Rivas-Drake

Associate Professor, CPEP (2nd term)

Fernando Furquim

Student, CSHPE (1st term)

Mollee Shultz

Student, Educational Studies (1st term)

Liz Dean

Staff (1st term)

Jessica Mason

Staff, Admissions and Graduate Records Coordinator, Senior

Nathan Phipps

Staff (2nd term)

Angela Snow

Staff Support, Assistant to the Dean

David L. Humphrey Jr.

Diversity and Inclusion Officer

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