Academic Leadership Group

The ALG is comprised of the deans, program chairs, and senior administrative directors and works on academic program issues and policies. See membership »

Executive Committee

This group is charged with investigating and formulating educational, research, and instructional policies for consideration by the faculty and acts for the faculty in matters of budgets, promotions, and appointments. The committee also acts for the faculty on matters related to academic programs and curriculum, including the review and approval of proposals for new academic programs or major curriculum changes. See membership »

Promotion & Tenure Committee

This committee evaluates credentials of tenure-track faculty, clinical faculty, and research scientists for reappointment, tenure, and promotion to higher ranks. See membership »

Directors Cabinet

Staff leaders from the school's administrative offices and academic departments work together on interdepartmental issues and policies. See membership »

Graduate Affairs Committee

This group supervises school-wide competitive grants and awards programs the master's and doctoral levels. In addition, the committee advises the associate dean for academic affairs on policy and procedural matters that affect the quality of the school's graduate education programs. See membership »

Online Learning Committee

This committee will be responsible for discussing possibilities for new online learning options, evaluating proposals from faculty members to launch online courses or future micromasters' proposals, evaluating the costs and benefits of online ventures, developing a strategic plan around online learning in accordance with the School's five-year vision. The committee will make annual recommendations on online learning to the dean. See membership »

Research Advisory Committee

This committee is comprised of staff members from throughout the school who administer the school's research grants. See membership »

Technology Advisory Committee

This group, comprised of faculty, staff, and students, identifies needs and drives support for school-wide information and audio-video technologies and environments. See membership »

Capital Projects Committee

This group’s charge is to assist in making recommendations for the school regarding plans and proposals for building renovations. See membership »

Teacher Education Cabinet

This group manages and coordinates the Teacher Education Program. See membership »

Diversity Advisory Committee

This committee is charged with advising on practices and protocols related to diversity and equity in the school, specifically in the core areas of faculty and staff hiring, student recruitment and support, initiatives focused on professional development and community learning, organizational climate and culture, and school policies. The committee advises program chairs on issues related to curriculum, instruction, and assessment. See membership »

Student Advisory Board

The School of Education Student Advisory Board's purpose is to provide advice and feedback on important student issues related to the School of Education. See membership »

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