Teacher Education

Numerous research studies have shown that the quality of the teacher in a classroom has a tremendous effect on the students who are being taught. We prepare prospective elementary and secondary schoolteachers to be the superior teachers who make lasting impressions in the lives of young students.

If you want to be the teacher who makes a real difference in students' lives, then pursue your professional education at the University of Michigan School of Education, where you will study with an exceptional group of faculty, instructors, and cooperating teachers, all dedicated to the improvement of schooling and to your professional growth. In our undergraduate and graduate teacher preparation programs, you will progress with a cohort of your peers in a spirit of dialogue, debate, and cooperation; you will, from the start, combine and connect challenging educational and academic coursework with guided experiences in schools; you will put together your intellectual curiosity, your spirit of adventure, and your commitment to young people to excel in one of the most demanding and rewarding professions.

We offer bachelor's and master's degrees. Upon completion of the degree, qualified students are recommended to the Michigan Department of Education for provisional teaching certification. All students must choose major and minor fields. The State of Michigan certifies most fields at either the elementary or secondary level, thus most students are considered either elementary or secondary teacher candidates. There are a few exceptions, however: certification in music and physical education are granted from K-12. 

Our bachelor's programs begin in the third year (commonly known as the junior year). Because we do not fully admit students as first-year students (freshmen), all of our undergraduate students are technically transfer students—most transfer from within the University of Michigan, although others transfer from external institutions.

We do accept first-year students in a Preferred Admissions program—these students then complete their first two years at another of the university's schools (usually the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts) while receiving advising from the School of Education, before transferring to our program a the beginning of the junior year. Other University of Michigan students apply to the School of Education during their first two years and formally transfer as juniors. We also accept transfer students from community colleges or other institutions.

There is also an option for University of Michigan students who wish to become secondary teachers that allows them to remain with another unit (the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, for example) while completing coursework at the School of Education and earning a recommendation for a Michigan provisional teaching certification. Students who are interested in certification in music or physical education do not have the option of transferring to the school of education—they must remain within their home unit.

Our master's degree programs are similarly divided into elementary and secondary programs. The Master of Arts with Certification (MAC) programs are intense 12-month programs that begin in late June of each year, ending the following July.

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